Get your personal AI-powered virtual assistant to analyze and monitor your website for you, and help you tailor your content to get real page views and earn more revenue.

Growva is a new content marketing platform that helps online businesses grow website traffic and revenue by leveraging artificial intelligence, data and behavioral science, and virtual assistant bots, to help you to connect with your audience.

SEO Analysis

Run our free site audit and within minutes Growva will find all the SEO errors you should fix to improve your search rankings.

Growth Recommendations

As part of our audit, Growva will find ways for you to optimize your website and pages to gain more traffic and rank better in search. Growva provides you with easy to follow guides for fixing issues yourself, and getting into a strong position for accelerating growth.

Page Speed Analysis

Did you know that 80% of searches now happen on mobile devices. Page speed is critical to the user experience and plays a significant factor in your search rankings. Growva will analyze your site for free and find opportunities for speed improvements based on your actual customer data.

Viral Content

Ranking on Google is not the only major source of traffic for many websites. It is important your customers are finding you on social platforms such as Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Growva will analyze the social popularity of your pages and make recommendations on how you can boost your social traffic through these platforms.

What's Trending

Sometimes a page will take off and go viral. Growva will monitor your Google Analytics data and social links, and let you know when this happens. Growva, our virtual assistant, will make recommendations to take advantage of any virality, as well as make suggestions to improve pages that aren't popular yet.

AI Forecasting

Our super advanced AI forecasting engine (Super Growva) will evaluate how your pages are trending, and like any good super hero, Super Growva will jump in and tell you when something is happening that is out of the ordinary.