Blogging Traffic Report - July 2019

Learn how we doubled our website traffic in July and how our proven Pinterest strategies enabled this growth.

The DIY Blogger - Traffic Report - July 2019


Welcome to my second traffic report for DrawBuildPlay and TheDIYBlogger.

I have read many posts by other bloggers about their Income reports and Traffic reports. Most of these reports show how successful they have become. What is usually missing is the reports from the start of their journey. Answers to questions like

How long did it take for you to see traffic and start making six figures from blogging?

So to continue building on my first traffic report - June Traffic Report, we are not a success story yet. But July was a great month for traffic, with trends accelerating for my DrawBuildPlay blog, getting me closer to my first goal milestone - 100k page views/month.

I feel that many bloggers who post income reports only do so once they are successful, and make it sound like they earned six figures after just one month of blogging. The reality is they probably spent a year or so building their audience, and some had failed blog attempts before that, before they became successful. I want to show you some of the pain that goes into blogging to become successful (fingers cross that I do) in real time, so you can see the work that goes into it. Maybe along the way you will see some of the strategies I deploy and the impact of those changes.

Online Business 1: DrawBuildPlay

I have a passion for Home Decor DIY, so I launched this blog in February 2019, and started creating content about the many home renovation projects I have done. In mid March I started applying the Pinterest strategies I now share on this blog and I started to experience some phenomenal growth in traffic.

July Weekly Page Views

July Weekly Page Views

Page Views Goals

Page Views Goals

Here are my current trends for the DrawBuildPlay blog:


Pinterest Stats
Impressions 18,073 46,412 39,901 121,129 129,000 138,253 326,552
Engagement 504 1,431 1,646 3,533 5,705 7,623 19,880
Followers 71 90 112 137 224
Google Analytics
Sessions 138 445 1,046 1,839 2,676 5,500
Page Views 379 1,464 2,570 4,263 6,357 13,367
New Posts 7 1 9 7 0 0 0
Ad Sense $1.03 $6.17 $20.57 $37.35


The Page Views (which is the only metric that really counts at the end of the day) grew 110% in July (slightly more than double what I did in June).

As you recall from my last retrospective, towards the middle of June I revamped the Pinterest Board SEO for many of my boards which had started to result in increased traffic to my website. On July 14, I applied similar SEO techniques by creating new pins with better SEO targeting of the pin descriptions at higher searched terms. Between the board optimizations from mid May, and the pin optimizations in mid June, it has resulted in a significant boost in page views as well as Pinterest impressions.

Goals from last month

  1. Join 1 or 2 group boards that have better engagement.
  2. Pin less (10 times per day, more of my content), with higher quality content that get repins to boost my engagement scores.
  3. Fix the poor quality descriptions I have on some of my older pins.
  4. Create fresh content (either more pin images for existing posts, and try to publish some new posts)
  5. Boost the pages/session metric which is currently averaging about 2.4 pages/session, by displaying related posts to the reader.

I accomplished the goals I had set last month in my June Traffic Report. I joined some more group boards, only pin my own content now with better SEO targeting. I decided not to go back and redo my older pins, since its better to just focus on the newer ones aimed at the right audience.

I attempted to boost the pages/session metric, but ended the month averaging 2.46 pages/session (up from 2.38 pages/session in June). So it was a slight increase only. I may revisit this one in the future again.

New Goals for August

  1. Create new pins with SEO targeted at high volume searches for remaining blog posts.
  2. Create free course (via Teachable) to start collecting email signups.

I have just the one goal for August so I can see how much I can continue to ramp up my traffic. If I find time, I also will create a free opt in course so I can start to build up my subscriber base.

Once I get to around 100k page views per month, I plan to shift my focus to monetization (through Amazon Affiliates and Paid Courses).

Online Business 2: The DIY Blogger

Unfortunately I did not spend much time focusing on The DIY Blogger blog during the month of July. I was on vacation for the first half of the month. When I returned, most of my focus was on DrawBuildPlay and building out some more tooling (stay tuned).

By the end of my July, my stats are:

Month End: JULY 2019 - THE DIY BLOGGER

July Weekly Page Views

July Weekly Page Views

Pinterest Stats
Impressions 35 14,556 7,282
Engagement 0 402 273
Followers 5 90 110
Google Analytics
Sessions 0 72 139
Page Views 0 246 378
New Posts 7 16 1
Mailing List 0 0
Pin Karma $0.00 $0.00
Pin Perfection $0.00 $0.00


I have not started selling Pin Karma subscriptions, or my Pinterest Perfection course yet, so my income on The DIY Blogger currently is $0. I am running into challenges launching Pin Karma as I need to go through the new Pinterest Marketing Partners program to access the API based on their new guidelines. Until PinKarma is approved, I will not be able to officially launch the app.

Once traffic to my blog increases and I have an engaged audience, and receive app approval, I will open up Pin Karma to that audience - which could generate a good passive income by providing significant value to my audience.

In the meantime, I am hearing from many new bloggers about their struggles to get going on their blogging journey. I have started building another tool that will simplify the blog creation process and its content management (that doesn’t require wordpress/bluehost signups). Stay tuned for this.

I missed most of my goals for July, and you can see the result of that was a decline in Pinterest views and page views. I will be carrying over those goals to August.

Goals for August

  1. Pin less, but with higher quality content that get repins to boost my engagement scores.
  2. Creating new and exciting content with targeted SEO.
  3. Utilize Tailwind to expand my reach.
  4. Build up my subscriber list.

Let me know (below in the comments) how you are doing with the growth of your own websites, and if there have been any amazing tricks you have applied recently that showed a good increase in traffic.

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